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With a turnover of over € 1,3 billion and more than 1,800 employees, the AVEVE group is Belgium’s largest agricultural cooperative. AVEVE is the market leader in supplying products to farmers and growers in Belgium. AVEVE is the largest cereals vendor in Belgium. The AVEVE group offers quality products to enthusiasts as well as professional farmers and growers, via its own network of more than 250 AVEVE sales outlets in Belgium for gardening, animals and home baking.

AVEVE division Flour

AVEVE Flour is active for more than 100 years in development and production of flour and baking mixes for the home baker in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Spain. The company is market leader in Belgium via its own AVEVE distribution chain under the “AVEVE” brand. These shops also offer baking ingredients and baking accessories to complement the range of baking mixes.


Under the Soezie brand name, AVEVE Flour distributes flour varieties and bread mixes to home bakers via more than 1,500 individual shops and retail clients in neighbouring countries.

Private label

We develop tailor-made baking mixes for retailers in formats ranging from 350 g up to 10 kg for both retailer and food service channel.


AVEVE Flour has a new installation, which has been in operation since April 2014 where carefully selected raw materials are mixed and supplemented to become high-quality baking mixes for breads and cakes. AVEVE Flour has also achieved a BRC “A” Level Accreditation, an incredibly strict entrance certificate for delivery to food retailers.

Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

100% natural ingredients.
We use all natural ingredients in our bread mixes.

So that you can make the most delicious bread, cakes and pastries

Wide range
Choice of a wide range of flour varieties and bakery mixes. We have the most complete portfolio of baking mixes on the market. The flour assortment is continuously improved and extended in order to keep up with modern trends such as convenience and health.

Convenience due to our all-in solutions with only water to add

Unique dust free packagings

Discover our products!

Among more than 70 different kinds of flour, Soezie surely has the one that suits you as a home-baker.

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