Cookie statement

This Cookie Statement is intended to inform you about the manner in which your personal information is collected using cookies and other tracking technologies when you visit our website.

Latest update of Cookie Statement: 5 May 2017

1. What are cookies and personal information?

Cookies are small text files that can be stored on your computer (or other devices with internet access like a smartphone or table) when you visit the AVEVE website. The following information is saved in this text file: the name of the website that sent the cookie, the ‘shelf life’ of the cookie (i.e. how long the cookie will remain on your computer/device), and a value, which is usually a unique, randomly generated number.

Some cookies can collect your personal information, such as the information we have about you, as a user of our website.

2.Why do we request your permission to send cookies?

All information with regard to these cookies can be found in this Cookie Statement.

We do not need your permission concerning cookies that are necessary to supply a service or function that you requested. These are session cookies (under title 4.1) and the persistent cookie ‘cookie bar’ (under title 4.2).

We base ourselves on your implicit agreement for placing other analytical cookies. Your continued use of the website is considered to be your agreement with our placement of cookies on your device. If you do not want to accept cookies, please read title 4: “How to manage or delete cookies”.

3. What cookies do we use?

3.1 Session cookies

Session cookies are temporary, functional cookies that remain on your computer/device until you leave the AVEVE website. These cookies are necessary because the website or the service you requested cannot function or will not function as well without using these cookies. These cookies contain a different, temporary number each time you visit our website. The cookies are automatically deleted after you close your browser.

We do not require your permission for these session cookies because these are necessary to supply you with the various functions of our website. These cookies have a minimum impact on your privacy.

3.2 Persistent cookies

This type of cookie stays on your computer longer than a session cookie or until these are manually deleted (the length of time that a cookie stays on your device depends on the duration, or ‘shelf life’ of the specific cookie and your browser settings). Such cookies let us recognise you when you make a return visit to our website. The website can also be specially adapted to your preferences using these cookies. When you have given your permission for sending these cookies, we save this information using a cookie. This way, you do not have to repeatedly set your preference each time you visit the website, which saves you time and makes your visit nicer.

Just like with session cookies, the cookie ‘cookie bar’ does not require your permission because this is strictly necessary for communication about the use of cookies.

We base ourselves on your agreement for placing other analytical cookies. Your continued use of the website is considered to be your agreement with our placement of these cookies on your device.

3.3 Google Analytics cookies

Cookies from Google Inc., as a part of the analytics service, are sent via our website. We use this service to obtain reports about how visitors use our website. As a rule, the information obtained about your browsing behaviour is sent to a Google server in the United States of America and saved there. Based on this information, Google supplies us with a report containing information on how visitors use our website.

For more information, please read Google’s Privacy Policy on and on

Google can provide this information to third parties if required to do so by law, or insofar as these third parties process this information on behalf of Google. We do not have any influence upon this.

We base ourselves on your implicit agreement for placing Google Analytics cookies. Your continued use of the website is considered to be your agreement with our placement of these cookies on your device.

4. How to manage or delete cookies

Most internet browsers are set up to automatically accept cookies. You can reject or delete cookies via your computer’s browser settings. How you do this differs from browser to browser. Consult your browser’s help menu if necessary. You must set these setting separately per browser and per computer/device!

If you do not want Google Analytics to use your information, you can install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browsers Add-On. This add-on communicates to Google Analytics that your browsing data may not be collected.

Rejecting, deleting, or turning off cookies can result in the poor functioning of certain functionalities on the website or in these not functioning at all. This could result in a less than optimal website experience.

5. Do we use any other tracking technologies?

5.1 Log files

When you visit the website, we automatically collect technical information (log files) in order to improve the use of the website.

What personal information is collected?

Specifically, we collect the IP address of your computer or other device, the pages you visited, the duration of your stay on each page, the internet browser you are using, and the duration of your entire visit to the website.

What do we use this information for?

The processing of this information is essential to optimise our business operations. We use this technical information to improve the functionality, ease of use, and security of our website. Based on the information collected from all the website’s users, we can see how many visitors we have per month, when they visited, which pages were visited the most, which browser was used, and/or if there were problems during the website visit.

For how long are these saved?

We utilise a standard period of 7 days for storing the log files.

5.2 Pixel tags

Pixel tags are small graphic images that are placed on webpages which indicate whether you have seen the page already or not. There could be Google Analytics pixel tags on our website. These gather information that supports the promotional activities and website development. The information retrieved using these pixel tags is not personally identifiable, but due to a specific combination of data, we may be able to identify you. We do not have any influence over these pixel tags.

6. Would you like to ask us a question or enforce your rights to review, correct, object, limit, or delete your information?

Then please consult our Privacy Statement.