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For a substantial, brown autumn bread packed with hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds.

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bagels with salmon tartare Bagels with salmon tartare
New York bakeries are famous for their delicious bagels with cream cheese, onion and smoked salmon. This recipe is a festive variant with sesame seeds and home-made salmon tartare.
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Brussels waffles Brussels waffles

This recipe is for making the kind of crispy, hot waffles you can eat in the Grand' Place in Brussels. Preferably use a waffle iron with a deep baking tray.

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Do you have a question about bread or pastry? Try our Tips & Tricks page. Here you can find answers to all frequently asked questions.


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By adding quark to these cakes, you create a delicious sweet taste that goes perfectly with fresh raspberrie...
This slightly sweet bread is a very healthy favour...


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All-in-mix for white fibre bread


All-in-mix for white fibre bread


For delicious white bread combining a soft, light crumb with the healthy fibres of wholemeal bread.


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All-in-mix for multi-cereal bread




For fibre-rich bread with sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, linseeds, malted wheat grains and rye flour.


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About Soezie

Soezie has been specialising in milling and blending flour for home bakers for over a century. What is unique is that our All-in breadmixes and Original flours only contain natural ingredients.
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