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Soezie flour is a healthy choice
Your daily bread provides your body with vital energy, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. That is why it is so important to eat enough bread every day. What is unique is that Soezie All-in breadmixes and Original flours only contain natural ingredients.


Soezie has the most comprehensive range
As a home baker, you are sure to find something to suit you among more than 70 types of flour from Soezie. Every type of flour is composed by experienced baking specialists and is thoroughly tested with various recipes. Furthermore, Soezie is working continually on new types of flour. Whatever type of bread, cake or pastry you want, you are bound to find the right ingredients with Soezie.


Soezie: taste the good life
Soezie's specialists are not only experienced home bakers themselves, but also dedicated foodies. When putting together the right varieties of cereals, they also work very critically. Because they want you to be able to enjoy the many international varieties and all the rich flavours that bread has to offer.



The history of Soezie

The early days
Soezie's parent company has been specialising in milling and blending flour for home bakers for over a century. It built its first flour mill back in 1901. At the beginning, flour production was limited, partly due to the First World War. After the war, the company built new factories, including a new mill.


From the outset, they were catering for home bakers. The members of the Belgian Farmers' Union, who jointly founded the company, bought flour jointly to bake at home on the farm. Surfina, the fine, white wheat flour, was an immediate hit. The first package was a rough jute sack. Later, that made way for the famous polka-dot neckerchief (5 kg), and the tea-towel (10 kg).


Modern times
Production expanded in the 1970s. The packaging was given a new look: neckerchieves and tea-towels disappeared into the kitchen cabinet, and were replaced by paper bags containing 2.5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg of flour. In order to keep pace with growing turnover, a new mill was built in 1978. This put the company in an even better position to meet the wishes of home bakers. Many more products could be accommodated (10-cereal flour, mix for cake, mix for pancakes). And the quality of the flour became even better. Our flour specialists have accumulated a wealth of technical know-how over the years. This has enabled Soezie to improve and expand its offering time and again.


So the Soezie-flour that you buy today is based on a lot of experience. With our flour varieties, as a home baker, you are buying high quality ingredients, to give you an outstanding baking result.
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